Beauty by Yuni - Terms & Conditions

Prior booking your appointment, please read the terms and conditions as to avoid any disappointment. Our terms and conditions apply to each of our available services here at our Gold Coast Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic. Our services include: Lash extensions, Brow waxing, Brow lamination, Teeth whitening, Lip Blushing, Feather touch (microblading) brows, Powder brows, Nano Brows and more.

Appointment Protocol

Please arrive to your appointments 10-15 minutes early if you are a new client needing to fill out forms or require pre numbing. 


Please note that if you are any later than 15 minutes we may not be able to see you for your appointment that day. It is crucial that we get to use every minute of your appointment to make sure you receive the highest quality and are not rushed to achieve your desired results. To reschedule a fee will apply to re-book for an alternative day.


To ensure everyones safety all procedures are closed appointments and are of a one on one nature. Please do not bring any guests to allow us to give you our complete attention. To maintain the highest standard of work from your technician, it is vital that there are absolutely no distractions. Although we too love your friends and family, if you arrive to your appointment with children or guests that cannot be left unsupervised we will have to reschedule your appointment and it will incur a rescheduling fee for a future booking.

Treatment Elegibility

Non-invasive beauty treatments may be booked for those older than 16. Under 16 will need parental consent prior to booking a non-invasive service at our clinic.


For those seeking cosmetic tattoo treatments, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. 


For the safety of unborn babies we do not perform cosmetic tattoo treatments on pregnant people. For those that are breastfeeding we require you to 'pump & dump' for 72 hours post procedure. If you are unable to do so, we will need to schedule your appointment in at a time that will be safer.


If you are experiencing an outbreak of cold sores, acne, psoriasis or blemishes where the procedure is to be performed, please contact our clinic immediately as you will need to reschedule your treatment until the active conditions have healed.


We cannot provide cosmetic tattoo services to those currently undergoing roaccutane treatment. Cosmetic tattoos can be performed 6 months after completing your treatment.


For those undergoing cancer treatments, we must wait until you get an all clear from your doctor prior to scheduling cosmetic tattoo treatments.


Cosmetic tattoo treatments have individual results. Beauty by Yuni cannot 100% predict your treatment outcome as it is dependant on multiple factors such as: life style, skin type, undertone, skin care regime, maintenance, etc. Healed results vary client to client and may need multiple sessions. Please ensure that you understand completely as Beauty by Yuni does not refund treatments or booking fees.


To secure your appointments a non-refundable booking fee is required per service booked and will be deducted from your balance at the time of your appointment. Dependant on the treatment booked will define your booking fee. Multiple appointments will require a nominal amount for each treatment booked.


All booking fees must be paid within 24 hours of pencilling in your appointment before it is confirmed.


Appointments that do not have a paid booking fee against their appointments are removed automatically by our booking system. In this case you will need to rebook online or contact our team for assistance.


Booking fees are to be paid via our online booking service. We do not accept bank transfers. Be sure to read all elegibility requirements and T&C's as booking fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable to another person. 

Rescheduling or Cancellation

As we do not have a flexible schedule and the duration of our services require lengthy periods we have a strict rescheduling policy and require a minimum of one weeks notice to reschedule your appointment. If at least one weeks notice is not given, the booking fee will be used for the time alotted and a rebooking fee will apply. Please note, we will only be able to reschedule you a maximum of 2 times using the original booking fee. Any further rescheduling will incur the full booking fee.


For rescheduling more than a week prior to  your appointment, please call AND email us. If you do not receive a confirmation email in regards to rescheduling your appointment, it has not been confirmed and your original appointment still stands.


Any NO SHOWS to an appointment will use the booking fee for the time alotted and will be required to pay in full when re-booking.


We do not perform touch-ups over work from artists outside of our clinic. Touch-ups booked with our clinic are for clients that have been with us previously.


A brow touch up appointment is recommended to be made within 4-8 weeks after the first treatment. The complimentary touch up MUST be booked within 4-8 weeks of the initial appointment and cannot be booked/rescheduled outside of that time frame. If rebooking outside of the alotted time, the touch-up will be charged at the appropriate touch-up price.


Booking outside of allocated time frame/Cancellation/No-Show/Reschedule within 48 hours will result in forfeit of complimentary touch up and will require a booking fee for rebooking at regular touch up pricing.


A Lip Touch up (not included) is recommended to be made within 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. Lip Blushing can take up to 2-4 sessions to achieve your desired results depending on your colour choice, skin type, skin care regime, lifestyle and undertones.

Existing work

Clients that have existing work are considered "new" clients and will need to book in for a full treatment. If you have treatments created outside of our clinic, we require you to send in images of your work prior to booking in. This is inclusive of the following services: Lash extensions, Brow lamination, Lip Blushing, Feather touch (microblading) brows, Powder brows, Nano Brows.


For cosmetic tattoo services, we require that the area has faded approximately 80% to be able to succesfully go over the area. If you are unsure, please contact our team and we will assist you in verifying if it is a viable treatment for you.


Our artists reserve the right to refuse treatment if booking has been made while we are unaware or cannot go over treatment area. Booking fees are not refundable for any service that has been refused.

Preparing for appointments

Prior to your appointment you must answer all qualifying questions to ensure you are an elegible candidate for treatment. Please ensure that you have read and undderstood what is required of you to prepare for your appointment and that you will adhere to the prescribed aftercare plan. As the team have a duty of care to each and every client, if the pre-treatment steps have not been followed correctly, Beauty by Yuni artists reserve the right to cancel/reschedule your appointment in which case the booking fee will be lost. To reshedule or secure an alternate appointment will require a booking fee.


You must notify our clinic if you think you will be late to your appointments. For all appointments, running any later than 15 minutes we will not be able to see you for your appointment that day. It is crucial that we get to use every minute of your appointment to make sure you receive the highest quality and get the the best possible results. To reschedule a fee will apply to re-book for an alternative day.


All pricing is subject to change at any time. 

Payment Plans

Beauty by Yuni accepts either Zippay or Afterpay. Interest free payment plans can be used for the balance of your appointments in clinic.