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Finding the right technique for you depends on a few key points. Firstly, knowing your desired outcome for your brows is our highest priority. From here, we can recommend what technique options would create the results you are looking for. Another few important aspects to take into consideration is your skin type, texture and lifestyle. After getting to know you, your goals and your skin our team of skilled artists can help educate and direct you to the techniques best for you!

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Hairstroke/Microbalded/Feather Touch

Microblading brows is our manual technique, also known as hairstroke brows or feather touch brows. This technique uses specialised tools with a row of tiny needles to create individual hair strokes and implant the pigment into the skin. This technique is best for normal to dry skin looking for a natural result.


Nano Brows

Nano brows are created with PMU machines. Using a specialised digital device and a fine needle head, our artists implant the pigment into the skin to create tiny hairstrokes that mimic brow hairs. This technique is for those wanting natural looking brows and is  perfect for all skin types and may last longer than microblading.

hairstroke brows, feather touch brows, brow tattoo, brows near me
hairstroke brows, feather touch brows, brow tattoo, brows near me. powder brow


Powder Brows

Powder brows are also known as ombre brows. Using PMU machines, our artists mimic the look of makeup in the brows. Using a gradient fade towards the bulb of the brow giving the most definition to the tail, once faded will look like a soft powdered makeup brow. This is perfect for those that like a more defined brow, need to cover up previous tattoos and works well with all skin types.


Combination Brows

Using both hair stroke and powder brow techniques, combination brows are best for those who like more definition though still want natural results. This is a great technique to cover up previously tattooed brows and works well for all skin types.

hairstroke brows, feather touch brows, brow tattoo, brows near me. microblading
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