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Eyeliner styles

  • Lash enhancement – Lash line enhancement is an ultra-realistic, subtle tattoo placed within the lash line only to create the illusion of denser lash growth and to subtly define the eye.

  • Classic eyeliner – Classic liner is the next level to your lash line enhancement. Adding just the right amount of drama on the eyelid to create more of a ‘makeup’ look. Creating a thicker more defined line while ensuring we don't mask the mobile lid, a classic liner is a great choice for those who wear eyeliner every day.

  • Winged eyeliner tattoo – Winged eyeliner extends past the lash line with a tiny flick outward to create a sharp wing, enhancing eye shape and size. We recommend starting with a smaller wing at your initial appointment with the option to add at a later date. If you apply a winged liner daily and want to save time on your makeup routine, this is the perfect option for you!

  • Powdered Liner tattoo – The ultimate in flexibility and result, definition across the lash line and blended shadow enhances the size and shape of the eyes similarly to winged eyeliner but with a soft application of powder, powdered liner results in a more subtle result while remaining incredibly effective - this liner is our most highly sought after technique. 

preparing for your eye liner appointment.


Make sure to get a good nights sleep the night before and bring your favourite inspo/images to your appointment!

  • It is recommended to eat something before your appointment to make sure your blood sugar levels stay stable during the procedure.

  • No excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption 24 hours before your procedure. Alcohol and caffeine can thin the blood, which causes the skin to be hypersensitive, and bleed/bruise more easily.

  • Avoid sun tanning one week prior to the procedure.

  • Avoid blood thinning medications for 24 hours before the procedure. This includes Aspirin, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen, fish oils tablets. Please consult your physician if this is an issue.

  • Eyelash extensions should be removed 3 days prior to the procedure.

  • No eyelash perm and/or tinting at least 3 days prior.

  • Discontinue Retin-A one week prior to the procedure.

  • No Botox around the eye area 2 weeks prior.

  • Eyelash growth serums like "Latisse" bring extra circulation to the lash line area which results in more growth of hair/lashes. This can cause the skin to be hypersensitive and bleed easily. It is recommended to discontinue the use of these products at least 6 months before your treatment.

  • Do not wear any eye makeup on the day of your appointment.

  • If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses on the day of your appointment.

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