Create your dream brows with your choice of feather touch, ombre or combination techniques.


Feather Touch - Using a state of the art microblading hand tool, tiny precision hair strokes are created by hand, mimicking the natural direction and lengths of your brows. Pigments are then implanted into the channels created by the microblades in the dermal layer of the skin. The sensation is similar to a little scratch but you should not feel any discomfort. This treatment will leave you with ultra-realistic looking brows.



Combination/Ombre - With your choice of style, machine shading is used to create beautifully defined brows. Often called the ombre, soft or diffused brow look. The look of the Ombre option alone tends to look like a soft mist spray has been created mimicking the look of soft powder makeup or a tinted brow. For the combination style we add in tiny little hair strokes in the direction of your brow to seamlessly blend with your natural hairs.


As with all permanent makeup treatments the area will look dark at first and sharp, but this will fade up to 30% within 7-10 days to reveal your chosen colour and softer, more subtle strokes. 


To ensure the best possible outcome we highly recommend booking included touch up at the completion of your first appointment with our artists. Complimentary touch up MUST be booked within 4-8 weeks of initial appointment. Booking outside of time frame/Cancellation/No-Show/Reschedule within 48 hours will result in forfeit of complimentary touch up and will require a deposit for rebooking at regular touch up pricing.


Once purchase is complete contact 0424820825 to book your appointment.


*10%  surcharge applies on Sundays.

Brows Tenae (inc. 1 complimentary touch up)