Frequently asked questions

What are Feather Touch Brows?

Feather Touch is a type of Cosmetic Tattooing, which is considered semi-permanent. Unlike permanent ink tattoos which can fade to strange colours of blue, red and green, Feather Touch Brows are done with pigments made of crushed minerals which are designed to be broken down by the body over time. The process of Feather Touch consists of creating tiny hair-like strokes of pigment in the skin to simulate actual hair, therefore results are very natural.

Is the threatment painful?

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area prior to beginning the treatment & during to reduce any discomfort you may feel. The level of pain felt varies from person to person but most clients describe the feeling as just a scratchy feeling & that it is bearable.

How old do I have to be to get Feather Touch Brows?

You must be 18 years or older.

How long do they last?

Results may last 12-18 months without touch-ups being done. However, you will need touch ups to maintain the desired look. Some clients may get longer out of their brows depending on skin type and lifestyle but I recommend a touch up every 6-9 months to get the best results. Other factors such as high exposure to the sun or professional skin treatments like chemical peels & laser that could come into contact with the brow area can fade the tattooing. Home facial care products that contain AHA’S, retintols & vitamin A can also cause your brows to fade more quickly.

How many appointments are needed?

Generally a minimum of two appointments are required for your brow make over. The initial appointment to create your new brows and another follow up appointment to touch up and perfect any areas that haven't held. However, you may find you don't need the second appointment.

How will I look after my appointment? What can be expected during the healing process?

In the first few days following the treatment, pigment will appear dark & intense. Redness & swelling is rare, however can be experienced by some. The pigment will start to appear lighter in the first week. After the initial dark phase of the healing process some will find their brows become patchy as the dark layer sheds off. Once the shedding phase is complete the strokes can appear too light or as if they have gone, but they will begin to come back over a few days. After two weeks your brows will be mostly healed, however they can take another week or two after that to settle in properly and for the true results to appear. Any strokes that may have healed too light or any uneven patches are fixed at the touch-up appointment.

Can anyone get their brows tattooed?

As a precaution, I do not perform Feather Touch Brows/Cosmetic tattooing if any of the below apply: Pregnant/Breastfeeding Cancer Certain Blood Thinners Diabetes* Roaccutane *If you are diabetic, before deciding on feather touch brows, you must be healthy and ensure that your diabetes is well controlled. High blood sugar levels, for example, can complicate the healing process and increase the risk of infection.

What should I do before my appointment?

If you have a holiday booked, it is recommended to have your brows done at least 14 days before you set off on your trip. Sun exposure, especially whilst healing, is detrimental to the pigment having good retention. You also shouldn’t swim for at least 10 days after your appointment. Cease taking any blood thinning medications/vitamins 72 hours prior to your appointment. (Provided it has been cleared by your GP) This includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, fish oil supplements, and Ibuprofen. Do not drink any alcohol the night before & day of your appointment as this thins your blood. If you have been on Roaccutane, you should wait a minimum of 6 months after finishing your course before having this treatment done. Feather Touch Brows cannot be done if your brow and forehead area is sunburnt. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, you will lose the pigment.

I have previously had my brows tattooed elsewhere, can I still book in?

If you have previously had your brows tattooed elsewhere clear images of your brows in natural lighting will be required. A free consultation may be necessary to determine whether or not it is possible to go over your current tattoo. *Please Note that ALL touch-up Appointments on brow work previously done by another Technician will be charged as a NEW set of brows.

Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable booking fee is required per service booked to secure your appointments and will be taken off your balance at the time of your appointment. Please note - bookings are closed appointments and are of a one on one nature. To ensure everyones safety and that you receive complete attention with the highest standard of work from your technician, it is vital that there are absolutely no distractions. Although we too love your friends and family, if you arrive to your appointment with children or guests that cannot be left unsupervised we will have to reschedule your appointment and it will incur a reschedule fee for a future booking. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you need to reschedule your appointment. If at least 48 hours notice is not given, a rescheduling fee will apply. Please note, we will only be able to reschedule you a maximum of 2 times using the original booking fee. Any further rescheduling will incur another booking fee. Cancellations will incur a loss of booking fee - however are transferable if rescheduling prior to the 48 hour window. Any NO SHOWS to an appointment will be required to pay in full when re-booking. A brow touch up appointment is recommended to be made within 4-8 weeks after the first treatment. Complimentary 4-8 week touch up MUST be booked within 4-8 weeks of initial appointment. If longer than 8 weeks after, the touch-up will be charged at the appropriate touch-up price. Booking outside of allocated time frame/Cancellation/No-Show/Reschedule within 48 hours will result in forfeit of complimentary touch up and will require a deposit for rebooking at regular touch up pricing. A Lip Touch up (not included) is recommended to be made within 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. Lip Blushing can take up to 2-4 sessions to achieve your desired results depending on your colour choice, skin type, lifestyle and undertones. For all appointments, please note that if you are any later than 15 minutes we will not be able to see you for your appointment that day. It is crucial that we get to use every minute of your appointment to make sure you receive the highest quality and get the the best possible results. To reschedule a fee will apply to re-book for an alternative day.